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Finns Point Lighthouse

At Finn's Point, just outside Fort Mott Park, a beautiful lighthouse can be seen. This tower was constructed in Buffalo, NY, and hauled by freight train and then mule-drawn wagons to its current location where it was erected in 1876. It cost $1,200.00.

Something over 115 feet tall, the tower featured a 24-inch range lens with double wick burner and kerosene vapor lamp emitting 150,000 candlepower. The keepers would have to climb the 130 steps and then ascend a ladder twice daily -- to light and extinguish the flame.

finns_point_lighthouse2.jpg (97034 bytes)The light burned steadily until 1933, when it was turned off. It went on again in 1934, but was automated. In 1950 the light was permanently extinguished.

finns_point_lighthouse3.jpg (94053 bytes)This unusual tower has a metal exoskeleton for support. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, Finn's Point Lighthouse has been restored and is open to visitation between April and October, but just once per month, from 12 - 4 on the third Sunday. Groups may be able to arrange a tour at other times. Admission is Free.

You can also learn more about Finns Point Lighthouse and the New Jersey Heritage Trail by clicking here.

For more information contact:
Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
197 Lighthouse Road
Pennsville, NJ 08070

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